Finally, a roadmap for improving your engagement and communications around CQC, PPGs and inclusion health groups.

The Ready Set Go Clinic is a new, refreshingly-different service born from a super collaboration between primary care specialists, DKJ and Primary Care Comms Clinic. Over 40 years of combined experience at your fingertips, all condensed into power-packed practical training sessions made 100% for primary care. 

Whether you’re prepping comms and engagement around a CQC inspection, establishing robust and representative Patient Participation Groups, or tackling health inequalities in your neighbourhood, we’ve got you covered.

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We also offer additional toolkits, templates, and resources to buy so there’s even less work, more results. Faster.

No more guesswork. Just results in the Ready Set Go Clinic.

Good communications and engagement around CQC inspections

A CQC inspection transcends beyond surface observations. It demands extensive inquiries into your current communication and engagement channels. How do they look right now?

A comprehensive feedback system and your team’s preparedness for the inspection are the linchpins to a successful CQC visit. 

This workshop aims to prepare you for these crucial facets, ensuring your comms and engagement health is in top-notch condition before, after and beyond.

Good communications and engagement around Patient Participation Groups (PPGs)

A functional PPG that accurately represents the diversity of your patient population is not just mandatory for receiving PCN funding but also makes happier, healthier patients with fewer inequalities locally. 

Understanding the workings of a successful PPG post-COVID, adept recruitment strategies, and leveraging their input and feedback to enhance primary care services, are invaluable skills you’ll bag from this workshop.

Perfect if you’re looking to refresh or restart with pan-PPGs across primary care networks too.

Good communications and engagement around Inclusion Health Groups

The pandemic triggered a significant rise in health inequalities, leading to worse health outcomes and an increased demand on NHS resources for millions of patients. Those people already described as socially excluded, with problems of poor health, poverty, violence or complex trauma, were hit hardest.

Understanding these hyper-local health inequalities, forging sensitive channels of communication, and engaging with underrepresented groups is crucial in combating this crisis and isn’t just a pipe dream for primary care networks.

Our Ready Set Go Clinic workshops can help you develop tailored strategies to maximise the impact on your communities, helping to close the healthcare disparity gap in the process.

Are you prepared to ready set go?

Ask us about a Ready Set Go Clinic today. Open training dates are available to book throughout Autumn and Winter 2023 – keep an eye on our LinkedIn or Facebook Page for details. Bespoke bookings are available to ICB and Neighbourhood areas too. For questions or bespoke bookings, drop us a line.

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