Nine nifty writing tips for your GP website

There’s so much to think about when it comes to writing content for websites but if you want some quick fixes you can make today, we’ve got nine for you.

1. Get straight to the point. Avoid explaining why or how you do things, just tell patients what to do. “For urgent appointments today, call the surgery.”

2. Write good, short links that start with a verb. “Order a repeat prescription” or “Request on appointment”.

3. Take out the term “triage”. Write “we will look at the information you give us and decide the most suitable person for you to see and when they are available”.

4. Take out mentions of “clinicians”. Use “doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional”.

5. Use “appointment request form” instead of “online form” or “online consultation”.

6. Avoid questions as headings and use simple statements instead. “Ordering a repeat prescription” instead of “How do I order a repeat prescription?”

7. When writing times or days, use “8pm to 6pm” instead of “8pm – 6pm”. It’s easier to read and more accessible for those using screen readers.

8. Paragraphs should have no more than 5 sentences. Keep them short so it’s easier for the reader to absorb what you’re saying, quicker.

9. Don’t be afraid to use contractions like “you’ll” (but avoid negative contractions like “can’t”).

If you’re a practice, primary care network or ICB in need of regular human help with content writing for comms like websites and patient newsletters, have a chat with our team.

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