It’s almost time to launch your NEW Enhanced Access service.

Are you ready to communicate with your patients? Let’s face it;

you’ve got enough on your plate to get the service ready, so let’s make your patient communications a little easier.

Here’s a panic free checklist to help:

Find your language

Enhanced Access works for us but won’t be a term many patients will know or need to know. So just make it simple. Call it what it is for example: evening and weekend appointments.

The 5Ws and the H

Every comms person’s go-to process and now it’s yours for communicating Enhanced Access. What’s available, where will I have my appointment, when can I have it, who will be delivering this, why are you doing this and how can I book an appointment*

Check your touchpoints

Your practice website, profile, waiting room displays, practice leaflets, patient letters and active offers by staff booking appointments are all excellent places to communicate Enhanced Access to patients. But where else could you reach patients actively looking for appointments* And do you need different formats such as easy read or audio in a different language? Make a list of all your comms touch points, digital and physical, to discover yours.

Help those who need these appointments the most

Carers, shift workers, students, young families* Check what your patient engagement work said. Is there an age group, a particular demographic, who struggles to make daytime appointments at your practices? Know this and you can target specific messages to that group.

Spread the word

Patients and staff need to know about Enhanced Access, but who else can help you spread the word in your local area* Resident and tenant groups, councilors, schools, a village Facebook Group, big employers, pharmacies, and community hubs. Most will welcome and share your news.

Your team comes first

We said this was a patient communications checklist, but staff must come first in your comms. Spend time with staff and make sure they feel comfortable about how to book, what to say to patients, what they can book and so on. They are your greatest allies and communicators for Enhanced Access!

Feel less panicky?

We hope so. Primary Care Comms Clinic is proudly helping PCNs to plan and do their enhanced access communications with warmth and without worry. We can help you too. Email [email protected]

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