PCCC Understated power of communications toolkits

Unless you’ve been hiding in the practice toilets these past few years, you’ll know how vital it is to effectively communicate with your patients, colleagues, and community as a primary care team.

But with so much on your plate, finding the time and resources to create and execute a comprehensive communication strategy can be challenging. Even we as communications professionals suffer the same issues from time to time!

It’s this that drove us to create the General Practice Communications Toolkit; the ultimate resource for busy GP teams looking to simplify their everyday communication efforts, but more about that later.

About communications toolkits

So, what exactly is a communications toolkit? It’s a collection of ready-to-use templates, how-to guides, and social media ideas designed to help you communicate more effectively with your patients and community.

You might be familiar with communications toolkits provided by your ICS or the Department of Health and Social Care for at-scale comms and awareness campaigns.

Communications toolkits save time and effort

With a communications toolkit in your back pocket, you can save time and effort by avoiding the need to create every communication piece from scratch for the topic you’re covering. Whether you need to create a newsletter, social media post, or web page update, a comms toolkit can be a real lifesaver at the eleventh hour. And that’s speaking from experience working in a crazy CCG in a past life!

Communications toolkits improve patient outcomes

A communications toolkit doesn’t just make life easier for primary care teams; it can also lead to improved patient engagement and outcomes. Clear and concise communication helps patients to better understand their health conditions, treatment plans, and the services available to them.

When combined with a well-thought-out communications strategy, a communications toolkit can help foster a stronger relationship between your practice and your community and help to improve your reputation. By regularly sharing real-time updates and information where your patients are both online and off, your practice can maintain its position as a trusted source of healthcare information and advice between appointments.

Communications toolkits for general practice

So, why should every GP practice or primary care network team have a communications toolkit? The benefits are clear – improved efficiency, patient engagement, and community relationships. With the right tools and resources at your fingertips, you can streamline your communication efforts and focus on what really matters – providing high-quality care to your patients.

At Primary Care Comms Clinic, we’ve been lovingly creating authentic, tailored communications toolkits for GP practices, primary care networks and GP federations since 2016. From CQC staff campaigns to launching brand new clinics, each one built entirely around the needs and aspirations of the teams we’ve worked with.

To complement this, we also offer an ultimate General Practice Communications Toolkit to support creating and delivering everyday comms. That’s because we believe everyone, including you, should have the chance to find their voice and proudly show off the incredible work you do, day in and day out, with confidence.

So whether it’s a toolkit for one specific topic or one that covers the full comms spectrum, don’t wait. Invest in a communications toolkit today and start seeing the benefits for yourself.

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