About us

Our mission is to help primary care
teams communicate well,
with warmth and without worry

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Meet the team

We’re the primary care communications team you’ve been looking for

Founded by Kara Skehan, friend and fighter for primary care and fierce comms advocate for over 20 years, we can help you sound, look and feel like the team that cares, listens and can be trusted. Because you are. You know you are.

We’re big fans of plain language and raising a smile. We’re not so big fans of generic and bland. Everything we do, from how we work with clients to how we expertly craft messages, is kept clear, simple and friendly.

Small and mighty is our team (over 30 years of collective healthcare comms-mighty!), and you might talk to Kara, Claire or Gemma when you work with us. There’s a trusted, super-talented band of specialist associates around us who help care for our brilliant clients, too. And just like our clients, we stick to what we’re really brilliant at and only work with teams who value good effective communications.

Dedicated to primary care communications

In 2016, we started out as Yorkshire Medical Marketing but in July 2022, we started to see green (more a lightbulb moment than a Hulk-smash one!) and rebranded to become Primary Care Comms Clinic.

Why’s that? Well, a) because our clients have been almost 100% primary care since 2018 and b) because without primary care, we don’t have an NHS, do we?

So our services and training are 100% tried and tested in frontline primary care, across many types of primary care organisations. GP practices, primary care networks, GP federations, primary care suppliers…if it’s primary care, we’ve done it. We even won an award for our comms at The GP Awards!

Our Values

Strength through connection

We genuinely care about the people we work with.

We create feelings through our actions, words and projects.

We’re authentic and take time to really listen to people.

Always learning

We’re curious and open-minded about healthcare, communities and marketing communication.

We value regular learning and training because it helps us change minds and lives through our work.

We watch, listen and take time to understand things so we can advise our clients better.

Love good work

We are friendly, upbeat people and always bring a positive attitude.

We choose work that we enjoy and makes a difference so that it doesn’t really feel like work.

We joyfully create things for a weary world so we can try and make life more joyful for others.

Cheerleaders for healthcare

We encourage people to take the right actions with their marketing communications and give them the confidence to do it spectacularly!

We ‘fit-out’ teams with the practical skills they need to succeed with their marketing communications

We inspire people to overcome fears and build each other up to achieve life-changing results.

Join our next Drop-in Comms Clinic

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